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Can your business survive an outage?

Jul 20,2018 / by Sam

Disasters come without warning and in many forms. Whether it’s a cyber attack, like a ransomware attack, or a natural disaster, such as flood or fire, you can be sure to come out safe if you plan carefully and implement certain important security measures.

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What causes outages?

According to a report, some 80% of outages are caused by people and poorly planned/executed processes. In addition, the Enterprise Management Association reports that 60% of failures result from manual configuration errors.

What’s the common factor here? The answer is simple: Humans. Even the smallest of human error can result in the failure of critical systems. Such errors are surprisingly common too. In fact, recent studies have reported that on average, organizations experience about 4 outages per year. Approximately half of the surveyed organizations also reported that they’d experienced at least one complete network outage each year.

What is the cost of downtime?

It is well known that downtime can be very expensive. On average, an outage can cost an organization $12,250 per minute. Over a year, these losses can reach somewhere around $3.9 million per organization. Apart from financial losses, system outages can also result in loss of critical data, the exact impact of which can only be measured on a case-by-case basis, depending on the information lost. In some cases of extensive data loss, businesses may find it impossible to recover.

It is therefore absolutely critical for businesses to employ appropriate measures to avoid outages. At the very least, it is important to set a plan in place that limits the amount of downtime. According to experts, the best strategy is to leverage available technology to minimize the scope for human error and ensure a more timely, accurate response to incidents.

With the right tools and strategy in place, you can reduce downtime by up to 90%. If you look at the potential costs of extended periods of downtime, you will quickly recognize the impact of such a reduction.

Although it's true that even our best efforts cannot completely avoid IT system failures, which result from simple misconfiguration to incorrect execution of programs, it is crucial to take the appropriate steps ahead of time that will help minimize the impact of critical incidents. It is useful to partner with experts who can help you set up the required protection.

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