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Top 3 IT Security Tips for Your Business in 2018

Jun 14,2018 / by Sam

Cyberthreats to your business can be both internal and external, and the first step to forming a strong line of defense is understanding the basics of IT security. In a recent article, we discussed the importance of maintaining good cyber hygiene, here we are offering you three actionable tips to keep your business safe from cyber attacks in 2018.

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1) Set processes before implementing tools

Your security strategies should always be aligned to your business goals. These security strategies should contain well-documented processes that are readily available for reference. Every new security tool may not necessary fit into your organization’s goals. Always prioritize processes over tools.

2) Train your employees

Processes and tools are simply not enough. Your employees need to be trained on the best security practices. They should be educated so that they can recognize and avoid cyber threats such as phishing and scams. They should also understand how to handle sensitive information. Your employees can be the weakest link in your security defense: a single click in an email can open the door for intruders.

Here are some ways to keep employees updated with cyber security protocol and processes:

  • Conduct regular and frequent trainings and seminars
  • Reiterate security processes and tools
  • Test your employee’s IT security knowledge
  • Set policies regarding hacking, data breaches, and device usage

3) Keep systems updated and backed up

One of the easiest and best ways to maintain cybersecurity is to regularly update the software your business uses. Ongoing security updates and patches are released for a reason – to address emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Since installing patches on a regular basis manually may be tedious, the idea of automating the process is being increasingly implemented.


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